Friday, November 29, 2013


Always feel re-charged after being around the nephews (ages 8 and 11). Learned to play washers yesterday, and, more importantly, listened to/really liked a couple of new songs that I probably wouldn't have otherwise heard. (The two were incredulous: "How have you not heard _____ ?" "Well, how do YOU hear them?" "On the car radio." "And... do you see your aunt with a car??!" "Oh.")

Was worn out after dancing with the boys to these:

And a neat thing, aside from dancing, was: The boys knew all of the lyrics! For instance, after listening to Lorde's song for maybe 30 seconds (and hearing from them that she was 16 or so), I ignorantly asked, "Well, what does SHE know about trashing hotel rooms?! She's only a kid!" The 11-year-old then had to patiently explain to me that I wasn't paying attention: the song was about people's REAL LIVES, not the lives of the rock stars and royals that they saw on TV and read about! Wow! I thought that was really cool (both of him and of the artist)...

Another Thanksgiving conversation: My mom (the boys' Oma) humorously reported that SOMEONE had been searching for "Miley Cyrus" on her computer! (She keeps the boys after school for 3 days a week and lets them take turns on her computer. And she apparently just figured out how to access the "History" function!) :)  Nothing wrong with Miley Cyrus, but both boys funnily vehemently denied that they'd ever done any such search! :)  I personally said to the older nephew that I had my STRONG SUSPICIONS that it was him, but after initial teasing, I let it go, "OK, OK, whatever..." About an hour later, though, while he was in another room, he inadvertently burst out with some song: "I came in like a wrecking ball..." MYSTERY SOLVED! :)

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