Monday, November 18, 2013

Working in an important person's office: pros and cons

It pays well.
You feel kind of important being there.
The décor is grand.
You get to see semi-famous people in person every few days.

Many lifer-secretaries there have a highly inflated sense of self-importance and are rude to "newbies" as a result, placing far too much importance on, say, a (not incorrect) middle initial added to a name in a letter. (See "You feel kind of important being there" above.) 
Just about everyone who visits is highly pumped up and hyper-perky, forcing you, who are there day-in and day-out, to constantly meet their levels of way-inflated exuberance -- which is tiring.
The dress-code is tiring to meet every day, especially when you have only 2 business blazers (and maybe 3-1/2 business-appropriate shirts) to your name.
The daily business conducted there is beyond inane. Almost entirely Form, hardly any Substance. (An example: A lengthy recommendation letter from an Important Man that I typed up in response to a low-level young, black employee's leaving after only a year: "In my 43 years of  [blah-blah-blah] I have only met a few colleagues worthy of [blah-blah-blah].  _________ is one such colleague." (Really? In all of your 43 years? Another, older white employee is also leaving around this time; the same man's farewell letter wasn't nearly as effusive.)

I can hold out at least 'til past Thanksgiving. MAYBE 'til past Christmas.

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