Sunday, December 15, 2013

Eleanor Parker (6/26/22 - 12/9/13)

Back when I first saw 1965's "Sound of Music" on TV in the '70s, I liked it a lot. But, in the back of my little mind... WHO was THAT playing the Baroness? And would it have been so bad at all if the Captain had married HER instead of Maria? (The Baroness was oh-so-glamorous, and who CARED if she couldn't play that stupid ball game with the kids and kept getting hit...though her constant sideways glances WERE annoying...And she DID convince Simple Maria to go back to the convent... I suppose this kind of thing has already been explored with "The Madwoman in the Attic" and "Wicked," though! Ah, but the Baroness, you knew, was going to survive... She didn't love the Captain "like that." And certainly wasn't ever about to traipse around the world as a political refugee.)


Turns out she -- Eleanor Parker -- was an accomplished actress, not just a schoolgirl crush or a fashion-plate. Nominated for an Oscar three times: for 1950's "Caged"; 1951's "Detective Story"; and 1955's "Interrupted Melody."

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