Thursday, December 12, 2013

London: February 11, 1963

I just discovered today that on Monday, February 11, 1963, the Beatles -- my favorite band -- entered the EMI Studios on 3 Abbey Road in London at 10 am to record their very first album, "Please Please Me."

About 5 hours earlier that same Monday morning, at 23 Fitzroy Road -- only 2 miles away from where the Beatles were about to record -- my favorite poet, the 30-year-old Sylvia Plath, had just put her head in her gas oven. (Her body was discovered around 9 am.)

The boys in their early 20s, still just scruffy guys playing clubs and touring locally as backups to 2nd-rate openers, only months away from their Universal Big Bang... And Plath at only 30, with every brilliant thing already written (yet unknown) and now completely imploding, sucked into the Black Hole of Self.


p.s. This reminds me in a lesser way of the 4/18/60 "Ban the Bomb" march on Trafalgar Square in London. I only initially knew about the event because Plath had written about it in her letters (she was pissed off because husband Ted had gone without her, so she found another friend to go with -- and dragged along her 2-week-old baby). As I found out only last year when looking at my mother's old scrapbooks: My mother was at the same march, as a 19-year-old German au pair girl in London for the year... Funny (in a great, human way) how neither Plath nor my mother were there precisely for the intended function! :)  Plath, to spite her husband; my 19-year-old mom, just for the event-of-it! :)

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