Monday, December 30, 2013

I Love My Books

I mean I LOOOOOOOOOVE them; not just reading or anticipating reading the few I haven't yet, but also just sitting around and looooooking at them.

As his Christmas gift to me this year, my brother bought me a bookshelf at my favorite consignment store --- I think this is the fourth time I've asked for exactly this from him for either Christmas or my birthday.

Once I got the new one home yesterday (the previously-lonely twin for the one I'd bought at the same place last year), I spent a crazy 6 HOURS (from 11pm to 5am -- I was worn out by 2, but I couldn't quit) unloading all of my books to the center of my floor and then rearranging them to where I thought/felt they "belonged" now that I had the extra space. For instance, all the fiction together, all the poetry together, the nonfiction, the philosophy, the entertainment, etc. What freak does that? (Not my brother. He and his wife also have a billion books; when I asked if he groups them in any particular way... "")

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