Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas to ME!

One of the hazards of a lot of dead time at work is...desperate to amuse yourself, you might tend to turn to ONLINE SHOPPING (once you've gotten over any initial paranoia and figured out that no one cares what sites you visit on your computer).

Pictured here are piles of stuff that have been arriving at my doorstep for the past 2 weeks or so. Why unopened? Because I just don't actually care about what it was that I ordered. I mean, it's nothing crazily expensive or overly exciting: mainly used $20 black wool sweaters from eBay (to replace the crappy $20 black cotton sweaters I ordered last year) and used $5 books from Amazon and a few more CDs and some red socks in there somewhere, I think; oh, and maybe a lipstick or hair product or two... Shopping IS a time-passer, but I'm kind of peeved at myself for not comprehending that all these $20/$5 purchases ADD UP! This is about a $300 pile here. And, honestly, about a third of the clothing items I buy online end up not fitting properly and thus is money completely wasted.

Though I tell myself brightly: "I'll just re-sell it!" Somehow that never works out properly! For instance: I bought a sweater I really liked for $24.99 (manufacturer's price $63 or something) despite the fact that it was listed outright as a size smaller than I normally wear. But I suppose I thought my "magical thinking" would make it magically fit by the time it arrived... NOPE. I did re-sell on eBay with a starting bid of $9.99 --- it sold on about the 7th time I listed it...for $12.99. Similarly, I sold a pair of ankle boots that I bought new online only last year (for $80 or so) -- and that never fit properly -- for a mere $9.99 this year, despite having only worn them twice. That's how that usually works out.

(Books and CDs, on the other hand, I've had much better luck with when ordering online -- only about 5% or so have turned out to be in much worse shape than the seller initially indicated.)

In short... I've gotta quit the Boredom Shopping! I suppose I'll keep this pile sitting here until Christmas and then open as presents to myself. (I asked my mom to get me a dental cleaning for Christmas, so these will probably be the most exciting gifts I get!)

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