Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On Cowboys football, Christmas, et al.

Way back in '89 or so, when my first girlfriend and I had been dating for about 6 months, we were lazing around on a Sunday afternoon, flipping through TV channels. I stopped on a Cowboys game, which I really wanted to watch. She became agitated, insisting I change the channel (which I didn't want to do), finally blurting out: "When I was growing up, I HAD to watch that every Sunday." Funny, but as a small-town Texas girl, that's all I grew up watching every Sunday, too. Only, it was a FOND memory for me, not an element of torture. It was a FUN thing to root for the Cowboys with my dad and the whole family.

This same first girlfriend also never wanted to go see Rick Broussard/Two Hoots and Holler with me, a band I found tremendously personal and inspiring. I managed to drag her to exactly ONE show; her sole sullen response: "No one here is into vampires." This same person owned exactly TWO books: a Scientology tome by L. Ron Hubbard and "Lolita." This same 36-year-old person (I was 23) also took me to an alleged "Christmas" party where there were nothing but drug-addled 19-year-olds sitting on the floor around a small, shitty tree decorated with spiders and skulls playing "The Alphabet Game" -- which involved sing-songing "A is for Asshole, B is for Butthole, C is for Cunt..."

I think I'd failed to explain myself to this woman: I liked Cowboys football. My favorite local band was Two Hoots and a Holler, which is why I wanted to share the experience of seeing them with her. I thought those who liked vampires and L. Ron Hubbard and "Lolita" were immature fetishists. I liked my Christmas bright and shiny and tinselly and full of food and family fun --- as low-rent as I got on Christmas was liking and wanting to hear the Rat Pack Christmas album among the other traditional Christmas songs.

A "hip" co-worker, trying to be hip, once said to me that she loved going to get a greasy burger on Christmas; my response was that I could get a greasy burger every day of the year; on Christmas, I liked having a home-cooked turkey meal. Same with Cowboys football: I can get shitty "A is for Asshole" sing-songing by random idiotic people every day of the year; when it comes to communally watching a Cowboys game, though, you get a group mutually emotionally invested in something and not (for heaven's boring sake) being ironic about it.


e.f. bartlam said...

One of the many great things about life in The South...football culture. Sure there's the odd duck. We've all run into 'em but, it is the tie that binds us.

Just recently, Christmas shopping, in an Art Gallery and then in a Book Store, two soft spoken bearded clerks, one an artist the other a bibliophile (did I mention they were "soft spoken'...not making any assumptions here but, I'm pretty sure neither of these boys has thrown a deer over their backs this fall and hauled it out of the woods :) )...both of 'em, at the slightest prompting, dropped everything to discuss the recent Egg Bowl (Ole Miss/Miss State) and Auburn (and the SEC's) chances in the National Championship. Can't beat it.

Must be kinda football depressing in Austin right now though.

My wife hates The Fall...she hates anything post post-impressionist in Art. What are you gonna do...some people are just cretins.

Beth Austin said...

RE "football depressing in Austin": Actually, I'm kinda glad to see Mack Brown go -- need some fresh blood! Now the COWBOYS -- THAT is depressing, seeing's how there seems to be no end in sight to the mediocrity. (Jerry Jones isn't exactly going to fire himself.)

RE "The Fall": I assume you mean the season and not "from grace"! :)

e.f. bartlam said...

...or Romo.

How many interceptions does it take to fire a Tony Romo?

I know what you mean. We are Gator fans...and we're being forced to suffer through a hopeless off season in anticipation of another losing season because they won't fire Muschamp (the former Texas coach in waiting...don't y'all want him back?)

RE The Fall...I mean the band. Mark E Smith's vehicle for the last 35 years. If you are not familiar with them...go find Perverted by Language or Grotesque or I will cut my own electricity off and never get on the internet again.

Beth Austin said...

Am just now watching a short doc on TCM of the astronauts on their way to the moon: One report they sent back: the college football scores that day! (Texas beat TCU, BTW.)

Romo: The guy's put up huge numbers. As Mike & Mike (on ESPN2) said, put him in any system other than Dallas's sloppy one and he'd probably take a team to the SuperBowl. (Seriously -- Jerry Jones gave Romo play-calling power. Um...NO.)

THE FALL: I thought I knew my 80s/punk-rooted bands, but I do not know The Fall's music at all. Will have to explore on YouTube!