Thursday, January 30, 2014

6:50am and I've BEEN up, not just GETTING up!

God, I hated that stupid job! And, by the way, the same stupid faces I had to see every day on the bus! The Sylvia-Plath-girl, the big fat Indian trying to look cool with his fuschia socks... at least these two were UNIQUE -- most of the rest generic "Kennedy from 90s MTV" and their generic plaid-shirted/bearded/glassesed boyfriends getting off at the front of the bus --- you get ON at the front, you get OFF at the back, you bunch-of-retards-trying-to-act-cool-yet-who-obviously-have-never-lived-in-a-big-city-and-thus-taken-public-transportation-and-know-the -etiquette-of-such!

Every one of them were irritating! That was one good thing about the "gypsy" buses that ran to/from NYC --- they came randomly every 10 minutes so you could just step out your door and get on a bus. It didn't have to be a ritual with knowing where every damn person was going to sit and who was going to stick his feet out and then pull 'em. ETC. ETC. I truly don't want to know exactly where these dipshits are going to sit and/or what they're going to wear every day.
I have freelance work to do today, paying $27 an hour, thank you. And I can do it at 10pm if I please. The contract not lasting long, but while it lasts... FUCK SECRETARIAL WORK AND FUCKING PEOPLE WHO RIDE THE BUS AT THE SAME TIME EVERY FUCKING DAY. Ugh. I'm sure I'll be back there soon, but in the meantime: FREEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMM! Briefly, sweetly...

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