Thursday, January 30, 2014

End of a Minor Chapter

My last day at my 3-month temp job was to have been Tuesday, but because Austin was AGAIN shut down for a snow day, I came in on Wednesday, which was also the first day of the new person hired permanently in "my" position. The overlapping meant that I got to train her a little bit. (Which I was hoping to avoid.)

First of all: I've been around for the 2 rounds of this hiring process and, weirdly, was put in charge of making notebooks that compiled the top 10 candidates. Which meant that I got to see all of my "competition"'s resumes, cover letters, and references. The first round before Christmas -- only open to in-house applicants -- ended up without anyone being chosen, which meant that I was all of a sudden a strong candidate. (As a temp, I wasn't considered "in-house.") The second round, with the job being reopened to the public, had about the same level of candidates. Then after the second round closure, one more resume came in late -- since I had access to all of the files, I saw that once the job had been closed the second time, it was then REopened for just one more day (by my boss)... to allow this last one to be registered. This last candidate was also one of the 3 interviewees in the second round. She's Hispanic, like my secretarial boss. She was the one who got the job.

Now, OK, in Texas there are a lot of Hispanics. Could have been a coincidence. But... today while training her, she mentioned that she'd known my boss for "a while." I asked, casually, how she knew her: Turns out they're both members of a local "Hispanic Administrative Associates" group--seriously. And that my boss told her specifically that she should apply. (Even though she was past the job-closing deadline--which my boss reopened for her.)

The woman does indeed have 20 years of secretarial experience, as opposed to my three. So of course on paper she's, in general, more qualified than I am. But just in general. While I was training her today, she didn't seem to get basic stuff: Like, how server paths worked; how to scan letters to one's e-mail and then re-name those attachments; even the old-school thing of putting a check-mark by the names on CC's in hard copies of letters... Rudimentary stuff. (Not that she was merely "disinterested" in what I, a lame-duck temp, had to say, but that, while we were doing actual letters she kept "forgetting" this and that -- stuff that was NOT specific to this particular job but rather general knowledge.)

Whatevah. Knowing the anality of my secretarial boss, and discovering the scattered-ness of my trainee today, this "hire-my-people" romance is going to be a little rocky. While I found the job depressing and dumb, it still ticks me off that I know I'm more competent, and had been on the job for 3 months...yet didn't get the job.

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