Monday, January 13, 2014

In Praise of Shower Curtains and Fluffy Rugs

I haven't had a shower curtain that I liked/loved, or a fluffy rug and toilet-seat cover to go along with it, since early 2007, when I dumped (so to speak) all of my possessions to move to New York. SEVEN YEARS, man, without nice bathroom accoutrements!

I'm back, baby! ;p  In the tiniest of bathrooms, but... the rug is fluffy and not a "mat" or nonexistent. And the curtain is now something I paid a lot for and meaningful to me and not a liner for $7 from a supermarket or Dollar Store. And there's a matching trashcan/tumbler/scrubber.

Life's too short to have shitty (so to speak) bathroom stuff. At the rate I've been going lately -- new only every 7 years -- I'll, at 48, only have time for 3 more rounds before I die (assuming I'll die in my mid-70s): at 55, 62, and 69. Wow. That's kind of freaky to think about: Only 3 more sets of towels and shower curtains in my life...

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