Sunday, January 05, 2014

Some Revolver Songs

This segue in "Revolver" from "She Said She Said" to "Good Day Sunshine" has to be one of the most incongruous in music, and of the most realistic in relationships:

Followed directly by one of my favorite Beatles songs ever:

And then by one of Paul's prettiest/saddest/most emotionally honest songs:

I like this album a lot. If only I could delete the 3 George songs and Ringo's showcase "Yellow Submarine," which just seem obligatory rather than innate.

The last two songs, Paul's "Got to Get You Into My Life" and John's "Tomorrow Never Knows" are, per the earlier dichotomy of "She Said"/"Good Day Sunshine," what is most fascinating and poetic about the album: Two young men's differing attempts at negotiating their intimate worlds. (The contrast but equal depth unique to the forced collaborative format of popular music -- Baudelaire, for instance, had no one to play off of. For which I'm sure he was grateful, and why most band members go solo.)

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