Sunday, January 19, 2014

Words to live by

Graduated high school from Azle, Texas, in 1983. Just learned on Wikipedia tonight that the town's motto is:

"Come to our side if you like shin deep lake water!"

Where I come from, folks.

As an addendum, just came across this Facebook entry ("Am I awesome or what") from a boy I had a crush on in high school: "I was dumping the guts from the fish and saw the pig and luckily had my gun with me. I shot her wearing birkenstocks and gym shorts."

He and several other boys in Azle all lived in the "Timberlake Estates," and their daddies were all primarily bankers, etc. At the time, I thought these were the "rich" and "sophisticated" kids. Now, on Facebook, at least 3 of them have nothing more to brag about than what animal they just killed.

POST-SCRIPT: I just responded on Facebook to this guy pictured here saying pretty much exactly what I said above: "I used to think you 'Timberlake Estates' guys were so rich and hot and now you're just proud of killing animals" ---- and he wrote me back, first: "Fuck you. My daddy used to shit in an outhouse... And my great-grandmother got stabbed in WWI" ... or something like that. I LOVED that! 'Cause MY back-story claim to fame is that... "My daddy used to shit in an outhouse, too! And my German mother's house was bombed by the Brits in WWII!"  So I threw all that in. And then he wrote back: "Your dad would have seen these pictures and told you to hook up with the dude." Me: "Huh? My dad wondered why I didn't marry a lawyer. He would NOT encourage your big ol' rural self." And then it got down to him saying how he killed all of his stuff JUST TO EAT IT, and had his own garden, to boot; and I said I admired that, as opposed to those of us, including me, who got all of our meat from a grocer's.

And then, at the end of the evening, this video from him posted to me specifically on Facebook:

Which is a pretty sexy thing to do.

Except the pictures of my old high-school crush at 275 pounds with the fish and the dead pig aren't sexy at all. I honestly DO admire the fact that he's self-sufficient and kills only to eat... and I used to think he was very laid-back and dreamy back in high school... (Aside from my making eyes at him constantly, though, our only conversation occurred once in the lunch line, about the just-released KISS solo albums: ME: "I love Gene's album!" HIM: "None of the solo albums ROCK!")

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