Monday, February 17, 2014

Heaven (well, non-Purgatory) is...

...coming into work in jeans, going into a room by myself, and EDITING! Three different spellings of a professor's name -- caught 'em! Different capitalization/alignment of headlines -- caught 'em! Needing semicolons in a series instead of commas -- caught 'em! I could do this all day, and I will be through May! Whew!

Aside from sporadic freelance work, it's been nearly a year since I've been doing daily for a living what I'm very good at. Among relaxed, non-phony people in a relaxed, non-phony environment. And where what I'm doing matters, since the texts will be appearing in public and contain actual intellectual information that needs to be CORRECT. (As opposed to, say, typing up smarmy letters to donors or reconfiguring boilerplate reasons for granting already-millionaires hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to be "advisers" or fetching coffee for the grinning, sycophantic visitors of bosses who'd gotten where they were by sucking up to the powers that be throughout their careers. Ugh.)

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