Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a very, very small world.

Regular readers here (all two of you!) might remember me mentioning someone I've kept seeing on my bus for the past couple of years -- "the Plath Girl," I've called her. Because of the resemblance, but also because she has an air about her: poetic and well-put-together (cloche hats and '30s shoes -- a la Judy Davis in "Passage to India"), but also a bit high strung (my opinion based only on seeing her sit primly on the bus reading, until meeting up with janitors that she runs into -- upon which she goes into hyper "Hi-how-are-ya!" gal-of-the-people mode). I've always found her attractive and interesting-looking...but also a bit annoyingly "precious."

Well, here's a little something I learned today... She's been over to my mother's house!!! (WHAT the fuck!)

For the past 5 months, my mother's been talking about a museum exhibit that she's contributed her father's World War I mementos to and has been meeting with museum staff about. Just days ago, I learned an exact date for the opening, which I duly marked on my calendar. Since I'm out and about town every day, Mom asked me to pick up papers that had an article quoting her about the exhibit. Which I did. And the photo accompanying the info was of "Plath Girl," who just happened to be the curator of the whole exhibit! And who I just found out has been meeting with my mother a couple of times over the past months, including coming over to her house to pick through items for the show!

Fuck! I initially thought the exhibit opening would be "interesting" for historical/familial purposes, and fun 'cause I'd get to hang out with the nephews. But now I've got to get a hairdresser's appointment squeezed in before then and actually GET DRESSED for the event! I'm about to officially meet "The Plath Girl" whom I've been looking at for years now! ;p And who, as it turns out, aside from being a museum curator, also has a PhD in literature--poetry! She wasn't just a coolly-dressed office-lady taking my bus to work!

(Mom reports that she's single and owns her own expensive car and house in my neighborhood. Woooo! :) The woman is probably straight. But what's interesting to me is the idea of being interested in someone who's actually an ACCOMPLISHED PERSON. Wow. Since 2000, I've been primarily fascinated by, first, an aging Norwegian transsexual living at home with her parents; and next, an aging Houstonian socialite kept all her life by a variety of men and unable to function when suddenly left to her own financial devices. It's been mentally stressful FOR ME trying to be understanding of these two! Being attracted to a SELF-SUFFICIENT person on my level (or in this case, above)... what a liberating, RELAXING concept! (I may be a failure as a secretary or as a helpmeet to former mental patients, but...I'm not a loser in all circles.)


Erik Bartlam said...

This is crazy.

This girl has come up every since I started stopping by.

At the very least you could make a friend...keep us posted.

Beth Austin said...

Weird, huh?! Our intro at the exhibit is going to be such a good one to laugh about, too, you know? (I'm not really hoping for a "love connection," but, yes, a friend in the 'hood who shares common interests would be nice!) :)

Beth Austin said...

Erik, per your "keep us posted" request: Well, I somehow thought it would be a small, intimate opening and that I'd be standing around all evening chatting with the curator... Nah! The place was packed with hundreds, and the lady in question, when my mom introduced us, was simultaneously bombarded with people coming up with congrats. So, no chatting! That aside, though, it was a great WWI exhibit! 99% of memorabilia from individuals was from Hemingway, E.E. Cummings, Wilfred Owen, et al... but the German section's only individual feature... MY GRANDFATHER! :) His medals, photos, diary entries, etc., courtesy of my mother. Our family (mom, me, brother/wife/2 kids) even had family photos taken by the museum photographer, supposedly for the site's home-page... Just checked tonight -- nothing up yet.