Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Have a temp assignment for "3-4 weeks." Filing and pasting labels on files. No fucking bullshit. Lunch whenever I want to take it. No answering phones and greeting people. Jeans allowed. Suggested to me that I bring an iPod to work! Thank GOD! What a perfect brief decompression from the stress of forced idiot grinning at bullshit for the past 3 months! (Best of all, my freelance contract is extended through the end of March; so while I'm not making very much at my day job, I'm nonetheless having pleasant days and then coming home and earning some money in the evening.)

p.s. Note to Self: I gotta get outta Austin. I don't care about "karma" and "30 years" and "being grateful." This ain't my town. But IS there anywhere in America where you can walk a few blocks and sit in a café/bar all day and/or night and drink and write? In San Francisco in the mid-90s, I worked on my poetry thesis for hundreds of hours in a bar on Clement Street. In Austin in the mid-80s, I sat in the Cactus Café on campus for hundreds of hours drinking and smoking and working on poetry. In Austin in the early 2000s, I wrote almost a whole screenplay in a bar (Gaby & Mo's) 2 blocks from my house on Monday nights, going in to listen to their poetry nights and staying 'til closing time. There's no such vibe anywhere around me right now.


Erik Bartlam said...

My spots were Tastee Donuts in Fondern (now a ****** Quizno's but, I spent so much time in there the lone waitress called the cops one night when I didn't show up HA), Waffle House on High St. (can't smoke in there anymore) and a Flyin' J truckstop on 80 (there's a Subway in the old diner area)...all in the Jackson Mississippi area.

My heart aches for Tastees sometimes but, I do have my own little room now where I can smoke and there's a space heater.


Beth Austin said...

I think that's a cue for the way to go -- greasy-spoon-type places with no hipsterness whatsoever. (Only, I haven't had a car since I got back from NY, so I'm kind of stuck in my hipster 'hood.)

Glad to hear you have a Room of Your Own, but... back in the day when I used to write regularly, I always liked being OUT -- no home distractions, plus it was always kind of exhilarating to be GOING OUT TO WRITE.

I dunno. There's a Long John Silver's on my bus route that's always semi-empty whenever I go there for the food every couple of months. Maybe I'll try that atmosphere.

Erik Bartlam said...

Ha...careful you don't develop a malt vinegar habit. See you out in the parking lot with some sasrons in a brown bag...kicking out head lights and yelling at the people who come in to order chicken.

I know what you mean. I studied and wrote in those places because the restless part of my mind could focus on all the racket