Monday, February 03, 2014

The Ultimate 1970 Beatles Album

Would've come out the year after they broke up had they not broken up. Called, in lieu of the too-pretentious "The Art of Dying" -- "Another Day." Culled from the solo albums/songs released in 1970 (plus some, like "Another Day" and "Back Seat of My Car" that were first introduced during the "Let It Be" sessions in '69 that got rejected and were released solo later). Spent hours this weekend coming up with this as a Playlist for my iPod, inspired by hearing George's 1970 "All Things Must Pass" album for the first time (while already being extremely familiar with John and Paul's 1970 solo albums -- George's philosophical voice seemed to tie together what John and Paul were going through).

This album, as it turned out, is either about a boy whose mother has just died, or about a boy who's just murdered his mother and run off with his teenaged girlfriend, or about a boy whose mother has just run off with a lover and left him alone. Extremely John-issue-based, as it turned out (though I initially just picked out my favorite 1970 songs before ordering them). My favorite segue being from John's "My Mummy's Dead" to Paul's "Teddy Boy" -- Paul's kind of jokey-evil being what John needed to keep him from being maudlin, and a curb that he never got post break-up. (Indulgent wives are nice, but not good for art.)

Song list:

Another Day -- Paul
It Don't Come Easy -- Ringo
The Art of Dying -- George
Working Class Hero -- John
My Mummy's Dead -- John
Teddy Boy -- Paul
Maybe I'm Amazed -- Paul
Behind That Locked Door -- George
Beaucoups of Blues [fadeout track] -- Ringo

Junk -- Paul
The Back Seat of My Car -- Paul
Isolation -- John
Beware of Darkness -- George
God -- John
Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) -- George
Early 1970 -- Ringo

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