Thursday, February 06, 2014

You know you're officially Middle-Aged when... start to get irritated at all the "Snow Days" that your town has been announcing lately! In the past 2 weeks, my workplace has been completely shut down twice and partially shut down (i.e., opening at noon) twice, including tomorrow. When you're young, you're excited by the unusualness, the "getting to officially play hooky." When you're middle-aged (and a temp worker), you only (after the first time) get irritated at the lost income and the disruption of your schedule! :)

All of this bad Austin weather of late reminds me: When I lived in NY for 3 years (ages 42-45 in 2007-2010), the weather was a lot worse for a lot longer... and I loved it! My coats were plenty warm enough and I walked around outside completely exhilarated by the 30-degree-and-below cold, even when it went on for 3 or more months. I still have the exact same coats, which I've been wearing during Austin's recent cold snap, but... now I'm shivering in them! And this year I'm cranky at the cold, not at all "exhilarated." I'm guessing that it really is an aging, physiological thing -- my body's just not happy with the extreme temperatures. (I used to roll my eyes at "Snowbirds," the rich old people who lived up north but went to Florida for the winter. "What wusses!" I thought. But now I'm starting to understand that perhaps oldsters have a real physical/physiological reason for wanting to winter elsewhere! GREAT: Losing physical pleasure but gaining understanding.)

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