Sunday, May 04, 2014

from "Adele 21" (2011)

Reading a couple of weeks ago that the best-selling British album of all time was "Queen's Greatest Hits" made me trust the country's radar for good popular music. Seriously, you can't get any better or more intelligently interesting (catchy AND intricate) pop-music-wise than a distillation of Queen.

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On the best-selling list after Queen came ABBA "Gold" (again, like Queen, pretty genius when it comes to crafting intelligent, interesting, intricate pop music), then the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" (a thing unto itself and part of Britain's national identity), and then Adele "21".... I understood exactly why Queen and ABBA and Beatles, but then... Adele?? Based purely on the Brits' list alone, I bought her album last week. I liked it a lot.

"Rumour Has it": "just 'cause I said it / don't mean that I meant it"

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