Monday, May 12, 2014

Joan Crawford, 1962.

Just looking at her face, most any year, makes me happy.


Jamie said...

I know what you mean. I look at Joan's face everyday. I have two framed blow ups of her on my living room walls, one is a Hurrel from the 30s ; the other is circa Flamingo Road. Sublime. Oh, and a third, 8x10 is from Rain.

Beth Austin said...

:) I've had up on my living-room wall since '87 or so a framed poster of a Hurrell publicity shot from 1932. And I recently bought/framed an original print from the '80s by Martin Kreloff. I also have framed an 8 x 10 color publicity shot from '46 or so, with a pink/white striped shirt... (Hurrell 1932 has to be the Best Year Ever!) :) The woman has a great face! :)