Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A "Break in Service"

My freelance experience over the past 7 years hasn't been that great. I don't like it. I don't have a middle-class safety net (i.e., a male partner with a tech job) or an upper-class safety net (i.e., a sugar daddy) and so freelancing has been stressful for me.

My "7 years" means the 3 years I lived in New York City (2007-2010) and the years since I've been back in Austin (2010-2014).  During which I have done nothing but freelance and temp jobs -- excitedly so in NYC until the market crashed in '08, and ever since then, desperately.

Since 2007, I've written about my temp woes online. Some online creeps I know (like Bryan Johnson, for instance) made a point of publicly telling me what a loser I was for not being able to "get a job."

Aside from the online creeps, I also felt embarrassed whenever my nephews asked me why my apartment was so small. Unlike the creeps, the kids were just asking me out of honesty -- their own parents had a house, and so why didn't I?

Long story short: I'm now an Editor II. After 7 years in the wilderness of temping/freelancing "because I wanted to go explore," kiddos. The 10-year-olds will understand one day. I'm sure the bar-back never will. Below, again, is the Paul McCartney song that's been in my head for the past 2 weeks and that is right now my soundtrack for feeling absolutely GOOD.


Jennifer said...

I have never been happier for someone I don't know. I have followed your highs and lows for several years and this is definitely a wonderful high for you. Congratulations on a job you definitely deserved. Before you know it you will have a new place with bigger bookshelves and a car! So happy for you.

Beth Austin said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer! :) I feel such a sense of pure RELIEF! (And when I think back to pre-2007 years, when I would quit a job on a whim -- and always immediately find something else... How CASUALLY I took being employed back then! 2007-2014 certainly put the fear into me and made me appreciate a job with benefits!) :)

Ann said...

I would like to echo Jennifer's sentiments above. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago (searching for "Assia Wevill," I think), and found your stories quite compelling. Any recognition you receive is doubtless overdue and well deserved. Best of luck.

Beth Austin said...

Thanks, Ann. I appreciate your good wishes.