Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting Through

One thing that's gotten me through my really, really dark past week is continuing with the Paul McCartney bio by Barry Miles. Paul is really an Innocent, a Dork, like me. Here's what Paul had to say about a conversation with John Lennon in the last days of Apple, when John was charging too many expenses to the company:
Someone warned me that he was going to get into a real problem and I remember saying to him, "Look, I'm not trying to do anything, I'm really trying to help you..." and as I said it I heard my devilish voice, like "I'm trying to trick you!" I said, "Look, John, I'm right." And he said, "You fucking would be, wouldn't you? You're always right, aren't you?" So to be right was wrong! He admitted I was right but to be right didn't bring any rewards, it brought scorn...
That's pretty much how I usually feel! :)

Later in the book, Paul talks about living with Linda in NYC for a few weeks in '70. He gets to walk around incognito in beard and army jacket in Harlem, until one day...
I was watching a playground full of little kids through the railings. They were skipping rope and playing all their games and whereas we would have done "Salt, vinegar, mustard, pepper...," theirs were all like rhythm and blues; they sounded just like lyrics to me! I was beguiled. I was watching it for just a few minutes, really loving it, but this black guy just happened to be walking past and he said, "You a teacher?" I said, "No." He said, What're you watching those children for?" I said, "I'm from England, this is fascinating for me." He said, "If you ain't off this block in a quarter-hour I'm going to put you off."
So now I'm walking alongside him like Ratso out of "Midnight Cowboy," trying to keep up with him, and he was walking stronger and I was walking, trying to keep his attention, saying, "Look, this is what gives you guys a bad name." I said, "I'm a tourist, I've come here, I love this whole place, I love the Apollo, I love these kids. I'm not a pervert, don't you try making me out a pervert, don't go jumping to conclusions..." He said, "Just get off the block, man, just get off the block." And he peeled off.
Paul goes on to complain to some nearby shop owners about what the guy had just said to him! :)  (1) I thought the local guy was great for protecting his neighborhood kids. (2) I thought it was hilarious that it was "Paul McCartney" being taken for a pervert. (3) I thought it was even more hilarious that Paul McCartney ran after the guy, trying to convince him that he wasn't a pervert, and THEN went and complained to local shop owners! :)  INNOCENT! DORK!

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