Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh, Vienna

I can't stop looking at this GIF -- Joan as Vienna in "Johnny Guitar" is incredibly cool and sexy to me. I love the panther-y way she moves here. And the way her expression goes through about 3 subtle changes in 3 seconds -- I have never seen another actress able to do that. (I like also, cinematically, how the light darkens as her expression does.)
I've been in bed most of the weekend not just recuperating from my tense Friday but also mulling over about 4 scenes of a new screenplay that're still in my head. It's been over 10 years since I wrote my first and only screenplay, but for the past several months these 4 scenes have kept replaying themselves -- I can tell it's almost time to stop embellishing mentally and get around to writing them down and then fleshing them out. That's exactly how the first screenplay began -- with a sex scene, to be honest, and then trying to work out why those two people were in bed to begin with.
This new one has Joan-as-Vienna as Muse. Also takes place in a Western saloon (this one also a whorehouse in addition to a gambling den), but no other characters or plot are similar to "Johnny G."
And then there's this video from YouTube accompanying the 1980 Ultravox song, "Vienna"... I have no idea what movie this is from, but this is how it feels. (Whatever this is, I'm guessing that it's famous and that "Johnny Guitar" director Nicholas Ray must have seen it -- the rope-pulling, the ending images...)

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