Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hey Jude

On my bus route to work for the past year, there's been an attractive young woman constantly toting along a little boy named "Jude," who is sometimes cranky, sometimes cherubic. His mother usually tries to get him to sit up front, but he, the Big Boy, usually tries the stairs up to the back seats. The young mother has seemed cute in relation to her cute child.

But in the past month, the young woman has shown up at the bus stop with only her husband, no "Jude." At the bus stop, she holds his coffee container for him and tilts it to his lips. She strokes the back of his neck. The husband is 30-ish, like she is. And he has been wearing, EVERY SINGLE TIME I'VE SEEN HIM, a straw hat, white shirt, khaki pants, and sturdy earth shoes. Like a 60-year-old man on an archaeological dig in Egypt.

Here is a picture that I found online of what this young husband dresses like:

Why? My only guess is that he is a doctoral student at UT, not from Texas, who has taken on a costume that he assumes (wrongly) is suited for Texas... And yesterday on the bus when there was an empty seat, he went and sat in it, and left his wife standing. I think he's a creep for these reasons.

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