Monday, July 07, 2014

One Nice Bus Thing

One thing I really don't like about Austin's bus-taking population: Since I take the same buses at the same times in the morning and the afternoon, I pretty much know exactly who's going to get on at every stop. For some reason, that really gets on my nerves. (In NY/NJ, buses and subways ran every few minutes instead of every half-hour --- up there, you just stepped outside or down a tunnel and got on when you got on; in Austin, you really have to go by the planned schedule. And so... the same old faces every day. My own Same Old Face being one of them, of course --- I don't like THAT, either! I actually do prefer being an anonymous traveler --- and not seeing the "Plath Girl" or the "Wild-n-Crazy Eastern European Guy with the Striped and/or Beatles Shirt" at the same stops every dang weekday morning!)

Anyway, one repetitive afternoon bus-person that I think is, nonetheless, a bit interesting: A black guy that I was bitching about here weeks ago for ALWAYS pulling the cord for the wrong stop (he wanted the stop I was transferring at, but he seemingly ALWAYS (at least 3 times) pulled it too early, and so the whole bus had to stop and waste precious seconds, during which the second bus he/I were trying to transfer to often PULLED AWAY in front of our very eyes---the timing was THAT close!)

So now, the guy has apparently figured it out. He doesn't pull the cord at the wrong stop any more. He and I get off at our transfer stop. He goes and sits down on the bus-stop bench; I go off the city-requisite 15 feet in order to smoke my interim cigarette.

After the 8 minutes or so, our 2nd bus approaches. I put out my cig and go stand near him by the bench. It's usually just us two there at this time. Sometimes the bus pulls up directly in front of me; sometimes it pulls up directly in front of him. But whichever, for the past 5 or 6 times: Even if the bus pulls up directly in front of HIM, he elaborately gestures for me to get on first. I just think this is so gentlemanly and kind and sweet.

And here's what this guy does on the second bus we get on together: The first route has been obnoxious and jam-packed, but the second is always just 1/3 full so we're not all rats fighting for space. On the second, I've got my spot that I always get to sit in, and he's got his spot at the back. Once he's settled in, he takes out a notebook and his recording phone and starts working on raps! When I first heard him practicing out loud, I -- fed up to HERE with assholes on the bus -- was initially thinking, "Jesus Christ, enough with obnoxious dicks blurting out random shit!" But then it turned out when I listened more carefully that he was really practicing his rhymes! If he'd mess up a line, he'd go back and start over to try to rework it... It was really a treat to listen to -- the rareness of getting to hear actual creativity in progress.

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