Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sleeping with Paul McCartney

Yes, I would find sleeping with Paul McCartney pleasant but, no, I haven't actually been fantasizing about it during the day. A couple of nights ago in a dream, though, I was hanging out as his house and fucking him AND giving him head (I've actually given head probably twice in my life and gagged both times and then stopped doing it) and moving from bed to bed trying to avoid various dead/ex-wives who were coming in and out. I kept wanting him to come to bed with ME so we could sleep through the night, but all of his other women were constantly there. Finally, I told him, "It's like Dickens--the Ghosts of Wives Past!" (In the dream, I felt very clever for this, since there had been 3 showing up: Linda, Heather, Nancy.)

When I woke up, I though about the pleasant things that I know about Paul McCartney: After reading several recent bios about him, I like the fact that he's constantly THINKING and CURIOUS. In one case, he was saying that he was waiting in the car for Linda to come back from an appointment and was bored to death, and then decided he'd create a "task" for himself -- to write a song before she got back... Years later, in another case, he decided to drive across America on the famous Route 66 with his new girlfriend Nancy Shevell. Now, this British guy doesn't know America or its highways; he can barely drive. But... he knew "Route 66" from his boyhood rock songs, and then when he was grown up and bold enough to attempt driving the actual route just for the hell of it, he attempted it, and asked his girl along for company.

That's what kind of boyfriend I want: Someone from Britain to drive across America with.

Below: Paul McCartney at a Springfield, Missouri, gas station during his 2008 Route 66 trip with his girlfriend.


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