Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adult Milestones

A 40-something/family-man coworker returned from a 2-week vacation today and we were chatting about where he'd just been, plus the fact that the new car that's he'd ordered months ago was finally going to be ready later this week. He mentioned that it would be the first entirely brand new car that he'd ever owned.

"That means you're officially an adult now!" I said.

(I've NEVER had a brand new car. I still don't have ANY car, much less a new one, after 4 years back from NYC, but when I used to own cars (from '81 to '07), all of them were either hand-me-downs from my father or mother, or else used cars.)

He laughed and agreed: You're not a real adult until you get your first brand-new car!

But then I had to point out to him: Oh wait... This isn't YOUR first Adult Milestone, by any means! You have a wife, you have a child, you have a house... AND you have chickens!

Now I, on the other hand... of the same age as this man... have utterly FAILED at reaching every single one of said "Adult Milestones"! No wife/child/house/car/chickens. Damn.

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