Saturday, August 02, 2014

"Faces look ugly when you're alone"

If only potential rapists/serial killers/mass murderers could be a little philosophical like this, they wouldn't get quite so... upset. "Women seem wicked when you're unwanted" -- Get it? It's a fleeting "thing" that EVERYONE feels at some point when they're not being paid attention to. Your "righteous anger" is only based on your own current feelings of emptiness. When you let such ephemeral feeling solidify into some sort of code, that's when you've crossed over into CRAZY. There ain't no "code." Everything is constantly fluid and ephemeral.

I've never surfed in my life, but I imagine that what we're all going through is like riding waves -- the utter vastness of what we're confronting, then within this vastness, our internal creations/projections of sporadic little victories of catching a wave and sporadic little disappointments of getting wiped out. None of it matters to the sea, yet we're all completely dependent on the sea as Antagonist, as a source for our stimulation. THE SEA DON'T CARE, PEOPLE. Just ride whatever fuckin' wave without taking any of it personally.

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