Friday, August 08, 2014

Surprising Things

(1) My boss told me Wednesday that she liked having me around because I was "low maintenance." (!)  This after I've gotten very high-strung with her at least twice! As in, when some article comes in at the last minute, due tomorrow, I have NOT been saying, "Yes, ma'am, I'll get it done right away!" I've been more like, "GOOD LORD! WHY do they give us this stuff at the last second?!" I think she must be either a very calm Cancer or Taurus, because she has not freaked out when I've inadvertently freaked out. She's understood my freaking out, and also understood that I would indeed get the unreasonable task done on time, after I'd finished my venting (i.e., necessary Leo showboating before getting down to business). Wow. I'm extremely grateful. This kind of psychological understanding is necessary in any relation.

(2) RE my past posting here about a woman on my morning bus to work that I had found attractive and been curious about. I'd labeled her "The Plath Girl," and then it turned out that she was curating a WWI exhibit back in February that MY MOTHER had contributed to... and that the woman had been over to my mother's house! 6 months later... I was on the same bus Wednesday, this time coming home. A 20-something hipster with beard and plaid shirt sat behind me, and after a minute or so he actually tapped me on my shoulder: "Do you know someone named J--- (the first name of the "Plath Girl")? Are you related to her? You look JUST like her."

My initial reaction was thinking the guy was weird and then, "Hmmmm? No. Don't know her." And then after thinking about it more, I turned around: "Do you mean J---? Who's a museum curator?"

Yes, yes indeed! We then went on and on about how odd The Universe is! :)

(3) Oh yeah, an addendum... at the bus-stop today, a Middle Eastern guy came over and asked my name and then kissed my hand when I told him. (His own name sounded like "Saman/Salmon," so I asked him to spell it: "Simon" ---ohhh.) He was having a problem: He was 25 minutes late for work, his friend hadn't picked him up like she was supposed to, so he had to take the bus. I hadn't been come on to by a Middle Eastern man since the '80s when I was a college student (what I liked about these graduate students when I knew them as an undergrad: They were very intellectual and very intense and very political. Very hard-core HONEST).  This man, in his 30s, was missing a tooth, yet I found his hand-kissing a bit attractive -- Aggressive Chivalry, I guess you'd call it. No, I'm not going to sleep with a toothless Middle Eastern man rendered from a bus stop. Just saying that the behavior, given the right setting, can indeed be attractive. :)

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