Monday, September 15, 2014

Adrian Peterson Reinstated. Why?

The Minnesota Vikings decided today to reinstate running back Adrian Peterson, who had been suspended for 1 game after facing child-abuse charges in Texas for "spanking" his 4-year-old son with a "switch" this summer

When I first heard that Peterson had "spanked" his son and was facing legal charges for it and had been suspended from the Vikings, I didn't quite know what to think: Had he indeed just swatted the little boy a couple of times on his bottom? Was today's PC culture now up in arms for THAT? Was there just a witch hunt going on in the wake of Ray Rice's knocking his wife out?

Then I heard on the "Mike & Mike" ESPN2 show this morning that there were photos out there that many outlets weren't releasing. I found a couple of them online.

These aren't "swats" on the butt, or a "spanking." These are the work of a sadist DRAWING BLOOD from a 4-year-old child. Again and again and again. This makes me sick in a way that the Ray Rice video did not.
My own father hit my mother and threatened her with a gun on more than several occasions. There was also ongoing humiliation like dumping a serving of mashed potatoes on her head, belittling her for her clothing or for coming home late from THE DENTIST, etc. There was a constant state of tension and eggshell-walking at our house when I was growing up. What was going to set Daddy off? The abuse was psychological as well as physical.
When I saw the video of Ray Rice and his now-wife Janae in the hotel, before/during/after the elevator, I saw her cuff him before they entered the elevator, I saw him cuff her inside the elevator, I saw her lunge at him, I saw him punch her, I saw her fall and hit her head on the elevator railing, which knocked her out. Rice was far bigger and stronger and of course he crossed the line when he PUNCHED her. (For the same reason that boxers' fists are classified as lethal weapons and thus those guys can't go around getting in bar fights, however provoked, muscled pro athletes obviously can't be allowed to go around hitting anyone, much less women... however provoked.) 
I wish my own mother had been a feisty fireball with my father and hit him over the head a few times with a frying pan. Or something. Anything. Instead, she just sat there and took it for years. It was never a fair fight. My mother is 5'1'' tall and passive. Janae Rice, not so much. From the video, it looked as if the two were GOING AT EACH OTHER, not that she was merely the humiliated, passive victim of his "systematic" violence. It seemed a fairER fight.

Ray Rice's initial penalty was 2 games. Weeks later, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced new penalties for domestic violence: First offense, 6 games' suspension; second offense, lifetime ban. (OK. So the NFL ridiculously thinks smoking pot is the greater of evils, handing out entire-year suspensions to some players for a decidedly NON-performance-enhancing, NON-violent recreational drug.) Then the Rice inside-the-elevator video is released and Goodell and the Ravens freak out at public reaction and all of a sudden Rice is "indefinitely" banned. (1) What happened to the new 6 games' suspension rule? (2) As many have pointed out, exactly WHAT did Goodell and the Ravens think had happened in the elevator to begin with, even before seeing the video?

Roger Goodell seems like a completely clueless idiot. After seeing his series of utterly inept decisions, I looked him up on Wikipedia... Sure 'nuff: Son of a Senator, son of privilege, etc. etc. Completely clueless about the "real world," incapable of reaching intelligent decisions on his own, instead relying solely on public opinion. Pot-smoking is the worst of "Evils" if people tell you it is. Punching your wife, eh. 2 games, since no one's that upset about it. Oh wait, they're a little upset. Let's make it 6 games. Oh, unless there's a video of it... then FREAK OUT! The 6-game rule, not good enough! What about beating your 4-year-old child bloody? Oh, one game should do.
Goodell, completely devoid of a moral compass, needs to go.

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