Tuesday, September 30, 2014

From "Ron Paul -- Changing My Mind" by Julie Newmar (1/2012)

OK, so Ron Paul's running for president back in 2012 is hardly current news, but right this sec I'm busy browsing around Julie Newmar's website and came across this "editorial":


I personally don't at ALL "trust our youth"! But I absolutely agree with her re Romney and Obama. And about Ron Paul, when she says that he makes her think in ways she hasn't before, specifically about abortion. I, for instance, had/have long been a supporter of women's rights when it came to choosing what to do with our own bodies. And I always utterly disdained any rich, fat, old, idiotically religious white (or any other color) male's opinions on the subject. BUT: Back in 2012, I happened to hear Paul tell a story about his early years as a doctor when he was interning as an obstetrician/gynecologist and was an observer for various abortions performed at his hospital. He was noncommittal about what he was seeing UNTIL he saw a baby aborted at 6 months placed into a bucket for disposal --- and it was STILL ALIVE AND BREATHING while it was being carted away. He said he changed his mind about abortion at that instant. I was seriously disturbed and moved by his story. And I, like Newmar, also began to re-think my position on abortion after hearing it. When I hear a dumb-ass, fake politician mouth off about abortion, I don't want to hear ANY of it because it's supremely fake and poll-driven (witness Romney being pro-choice while governor of the liberal Massachusetts, then miraculously re-thinking his position when running nationally). When Paul, a former gynecologist, talked about it, though, I did listen and pay attention to his authentic viewpoint.


from Newmar's site:

I trust our youth. I also I find Ron Paul the youngest thinking of all the candidates. Young people don’t carry the baggage of years of careless decision making. Many of us didn’t like Romney’s rise to power and prestige on the backs of workers, all the time further disenfranchising the powerless, the underdog. Nor are we happy with Obama who saved his skin at the expense of the entire middle class by not standing firm and tough against the avaricious gamblers in our financial markets. Would that have been too big a maneuver to correct? Would something worse have happened? It’s still not right.

I like Ron Paul because he changes my mind about things, makes me think in ways I haven’t before. I confess he’s even able to change my long-ago made-up mind about abortion. Now that’s moving a mountain. He shows me there’s perhaps a better way to think about the unthinkable.
Even though Ron Paul is from Texas and I have sworn, in print, to never ever vote for a Texan for president, I could change my mind.


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