Friday, September 05, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers.

Long before you left, there was no one there to miss or protest the eyes you'd deleted.


Zach said...

Hey, just discovered your blog. I
always hated it when people made fun of her (because of all the plastic surgery), but loved how she turned the tables on her worst critics by making fun of herself.

I saw A Piece of Work (the documentary about Joan Rivers), and was impressed big time. In real life she was a shy person, and totally insecure. I'm like that myself, but I'm not able to keep it hidden as brilliantly as she did.

She was a remarkable woman, and I was sorry when I first heard about her death. Her humor was crude to some, but I never felt that way. It takes a lot of guts to laugh at yourself, and the crazy world we live in. I wish she was still here.

Thanks for the really cool tribute...

Beth Austin said...

I still haven't seen the Rivers documentary, though I read about it at the time and WANTED to see it.

I was moved by the earlier-in-life pictures of Joan because, from a kid up through her 30s/40s, she seemed so bright-eyed and intelligent and scrappy... At the end, she was still "scrappy," but she'd kind of abandoned her intelligence in favor of completely buying into the System -- a "ha-ha" in that she was an ultimate "Player" in said system and therefore "won," but still kind of sad to me -- She started out as a societal critic, and even directed a film, but ended up making snarky comments about dresses on the Red Carpet. Kudos to her for the Survival of the System.