Sunday, October 05, 2014

Adult Milestones

A few weeks ago, a co-worker was telling me that he'd just bought his very first new car. He was in his 40s, as I am. All of his cars up 'til now had been used.

I was congratulatory. It really is a big thing to have a brand new car for the first time! But he felt a bit bummed since it had taken him so long to get one.

Me: "Well, look, you have a wife, you have a kid, you have a house, and now you have a car! You're officially an adult!"

Look at me: No wife, no kid, no house, no car! Geez, I haven't "achieved" ANY of the American Adult Milestones...

I guess my own Milestones were: Getting my Bachelor's degree, getting my Master's degree, getting poetry published, writing a screenplay, figuring out how to do a website just for Joan. I hadn't really THOUGHT about judging myself on whether or not I had been able to get along with a man or have a kid or earn enough money for a house...

Anybody can have a kid (seriously -- ANY shitty person can have a kid -- why is procreation glorified in any way? Any dog/cat/snail can do it); I can always get a car; I WOULD, though, like a house before I die.

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