Friday, November 28, 2014

A box at the back of the closet holds bones and other mementos
of luck gone bad like third-day mutton.

She was sick that day. And a little after.
Laughter later giving her away
like her daddy would never do.

She never changed his shoes.
The dress she did change
had his paint on it.

"I wouldn't let them see that, if I were you."


Erik Bartlam said...

The cat woke me up at 5:30 this morning...and as I lay on the couch trying to go back to sleep I watched her Wicked Women episode on ID channel.

They talked about her hacking up animals as a child. I'd never heard that before.

Beth Austin said...

The Spirit o' Lizzie's in the air! ;p

Naw, she never hacked up animals; as far as I've read, after the trial, rumor-mongers said they once saw her chop up her stepmother's cat AND, in a fit of rage, slaughter a HORSE with a hatchet! In actuality, she was an animal lover and left a large sum upon her death to animal protection societies in a couple of towns. (An interesting side-note: Her father chopped up HER pigeons 3 months before his death -- boys were sneaking into the barn to steal them; rather than allow them to continue to do so, he axed the pigeons.)