Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New Lizzie Borden T-Shirt

Now, what in the world am I hoping to accomplish by wearing a Lizzie Borden T-shirt anywhere?!
I actually do think she murdered her father and step-mother. And that the family maid, Bridget Sullivan, had some hand in it. (After reading 4 books about the case in the past two weeks... those two were the only ones in/around the house when the murders were committed. The house was on a busy street; there were no sightings of a bloody madman running in the vicinity afterwards. The victims' faces were mutilated --- in 1892, not much about "criminology" as a science was known, but in the years since then, it's been established that when a victim's face, especially, has been mutilated, it's most likely the work of someone very emotionally close to them.)
What the hell happened there? And what, for instance, might be the difference between wearing a Lizzie Borden T-shirt and, say, an OJ Simpson T-shirt... Simpson was, after all, also pretty emotionally disturbed at the time that he allegedly stabbed his ex-wife to death... What makes the Lizzie Borden case a "hip" T-shirt thing, while wearing a similar OJ shirt would be simply creepy, somehow celebrating wife-abuse/murder? Is it the old adage that "tragedy + time = comedy"? Is it just because the murders in the Borden home happened longer ago?
I don't think so. Say that both parties were guilty: Say Lizzie Borden killed her father/step-mother and that OJ Simpson killed his ex-wife.
As various witnesses have attested to, it's pretty much a given that, post-divorce, Simpson was in a constant jealous sexual rage about his ex-wife, to the point of stalking her. No real surprise that he might have been following her, been enraged by seeing her with a young guy at the gateway of her home.  
With Lizzie Borden, though, what was the impetus for the murder? The "Ghost Adventures" cable TV show recently posited, sans proof aside from psychics, that Lizzie had been having sexual relations with her father. A 1984 book by "Evan Hunter" (Ed McBain) posited that Lizzie Borden and maid Bridget had been having a lesbian affair and that Lizzie's stepmother had discovered them and then threatened to tell the father... These seem quite believable sources of extreme anger to me, but at the time, nothing of the sort was presented.
Whatever the relations between Lizzie Borden and Bridget Sullivan... SOMETHING was going on in that house between them. It was an internal thing. You simply don't have one ax murder at 9:30am, then a lull until 11:00am before the next one (as the coagulation of blood from the two victims indicated) if it's a random case.

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