Sunday, November 02, 2014


Always glad to talk to folks at the bus-stop. Uh-huh.

Today's "folk":

It's beautiful weather. (ME: It IS!)
Don't mean to bring you down, but this bus just came by 15 minutes ago. (ME: That's OK. Just 15 minutes, then, 'til the next one.)
All glory to the Lord. (ME: OK.)
Do you need your shoes shined? I shine shoes: "Rise and Shine" is my business. (ME: Nope. Don't need my shoes shined.)
Just $5. (ME, stretching out my legs to show the mediocre shoes that didn't need shining: Really, I'm not a businessman who needs his shoes shined.)
Alright, I gotcha. Wait, I got a call. (ME: OK.)
That woman wants work, but she's not reliable. I've been trying to help her and her boyfriend. They have a yard business, but they smoking. I try to help her... (ME: What are they smoking? Pot or...)
Crack. They smoking crack. (ME: Oh. That's hard-core.)
Yeah. (ME: You can work on pot, but you can't really work when you're on crack.)
No, you can't. I keep trying to give her chances, but she don't show up. And don't call. If she would just call, that would be fine. (ME: Well, you've tried.)

Now, me and my wife, we doing alright. I'm from Philly. (ME: I like the Northeast a lot.)
You do? What about this great city? (ME:  I lived in New York City for a few years. I just like the weather a lot better up North. I like the seasons. I like the snow. I don't like 7 months of hot weather here.)
Me, I'm a salesman. I can get along anywhere. My family was military. (ME: My dad was military, too, so I moved a lot. I can get along anywhere, too.)
My wife's family is military. Her daddy is a staff sergeant. She's spoiled, man. I've been married 38 years. She's a wonderful woman. I tell her every day. Not because I have to. But her sister, man; her family. What's between us is between us. I lost $86,000 in the market. And her family keep trying to give her things. I told them, anything you give her, I'm going to throw right through your window.

I kind of let him just go on from there. There was stuff about the "Blood Moon" appearing every 7 years, and how market crashes have corresponded to that. And how Republican presidents have also corresponded to the Blood Moon. He also wrote down a phone number in Philly that I could call so that I could invest in gold.

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