Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tra-la-la, 16 days off! (Dec. 20 thru Jan. 4)

I'd kinda, sorta "vowed" to make the days useful, and am mainly successful so far.

Day 1, Saturday the 20th:  Finished off my Christmas shopping. USEFUL.
Day 2, Sunday the 21st: Lay in bed all day with a hangover, watching football. (Yay, Cowboys!) NOT USEFUL (well, except for the genuine joy and feeling that all was right with the world at the Cowboys' victory over the always nasty Philadelphia Eagles).
Day 3, Monday the 22nd: Walked around downtown Austin for the first time in years, renewed my expired library membership, and saw a movie at a theater for the first time in years. USEFUL. (Last movie I saw, also at the Violet Crown, was "The Artist," in 2011. The one I saw today was "Whiplash.")
Day 4, Tuesday the 23rd: Walked a few blocks hoping to deliver my "Secret Santa" gift of Christmas chocolates to "Mr. G," whose corner barbershop is where I wait for my bus and who chats with me and who gave me a Christmas apple last week. It was about 9:30 in the morning, so I thought I could just sneak the gift onto his front doorstep, but... there he was, just getting out of his car! I had to confess what I was doing there! He gave me a big hug and we wished "Merry Christmas." Mildly awkward but good vibes. Also did laundry. Also made 2 trips to the corner grocery, where I stocked up on sale-priced Cokes and (regular-priced) beer to last me for the next few days while I negotiate in and out of family Christmas gatherings. USEFUL.
Day 5, Wednesday the 24th: Wrapped presents, attended a pleasant Christmas Eve at my mother's, along with brother and his wife's family. Everyone on best behavior. USEFUL.
Day 6, Thursday the 25th: Washed all dishes. Christmas dinner at brother's house. USEFUL.
Day 7, Friday the 26th: Grocery shopping. SEMI-USEFUL.
Day 8, Saturday the 27th: Hangover in bed all day. NOT AT ALL USEFUL. :(
Day 9, Sunday the 28th: Yay, Cowboys! And Yay for me for getting off my ass and, in anticipation of my move a month from now, cleaning out my closet, getting rid of detritus like my old computer tower, my old collection of Joan Crawford VHS tapes. Also cleaned part of my kitchen, so I don't have to do all of the cleaning at once upon my moveout. VERY USEFUL.
Day 10, Monday the 29th: Hangover in bed all day. NOT USEFUL. :(
Day 11, Tuesday the 30th: Another stroll around downtown after mailing off a package I needed to get out. Wanted to get a slice/salad/drink at a pizza place I used to go to downtown when I worked there, but passed after hearing it was $8.50! (After hearing that price, I remembered: I used to always bring a canned soda from home for lunches, so in the past just paid for the slice/salad.) Took a bus back to campus to my favorite CHEAP pizza place ($6.00 for slice/salad/drink), but it was closed for the school holidays. Waited a half hour for a bus, ended up going to a Whataburger near my apartment then walking a mile home. Blah. After 10 days of not taking buses, remembered how much I despised them. USEFUL for getting out of the house and going to the P.O., but hugely NOT USEFUL for the waste of time trying to find a place to eat!
Day 12, Wednesday the 31st: In bed with a hangover most of the day, but before dark got off my ass, showered, dressed, and went to pick up a good New Year's Eve meal from Hoover's down the street: chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, "cowboy" beans, salad, cornbread. Invigorating walk (over a mile) in brisk 35-degree temperature, with a hearty meal hitting the spot as a reward at the end. Rest of evening, worked on Joan website while listening to New Year's Eve shows in the background. (Always get goosebumps when they pipe in "New York, New York" at Times Square.) Toasted myself at midnight with cheap champagne. SEMI-USEFUL for getting out of the house, and for being fresh for the New Year!
Day 13, Thursday the 1st:  After being up all night drinking, around 3pm, told my mother (after she called to say "Happy New Year" and then hung up on my because she said I was drunk) and the woman I loved (who was not responding to me) to fuck off. NOT USEFUL.
Day 14, Friday the 2nd: In bed with a hangover all day. NOT USEFUL.
Day 15, Saturday the 3rd: In bed 'til the evening, then up and showered and working on Joan site later. SEMI-USEFUL.

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