Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I'll be hitting 50 this year and, frankly, "crazy" ain't so charming any more, like it was in my 20s.

An example:

Early in November, Sandra indicated that a friend of hers had a cabin available in the Hill Country, and why didn't we got out there? Me: OK!

Weeks went by. No cabin materialized. Finally, near Christmas, I gave a hint: "Hey, I'm about to have 16 days off! Let's do something!" No response to that.

When I last spoke to Sandra a couple of days ago, two days before my vacation was about to end,  she said: "You could come out here, but I can't invite you because I don't have a car, and we couldn't go anywhere."

Me: "Hey, my vacation's over now."

What an idiot. My disdain for her, but for me, too, for my hopes.

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