Sunday, January 25, 2015

Did I mention earlier...

...that moving is for the Young?

Or at least for someone who has someone with them!

Moving in my 20s involved a few friends with a pickup, one small couch, a small bed, one bookshelf... Plus, "Oh, how my life will be different in my new place!"

This time, I've hired movers, I've rented a car for 3 days, my brother is helping me do some small stuff on one day... Plus, "My life's going to be pretty much the same in my new place, except the commute to work will be shorter and there are a few more shops within walking distance..."

I've done it so much at this point, there's no sense of adventure about it at all. It's just a grind.

Back in December, I thought my January would be full of excitement about planning for the new place upcoming at the end of the month. Nah. This whole month has been merely full of mental chores: hiring movers, contacting all utilities, figuring out when to pick up/drop off keys, etc. And physical chores, like packing up the more-than-50 boxes of books, CDs, and just plain crap I've accumulated.

I'm tired and unexcited.

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