Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This is completely a "First World Problem."

At the end of the month, I'll be moving from a one-room apartment into a 2-bedroom apartment -- with only an 18-inch TV from 1992 that I bought on Craig's List for $20 when I came back to Austin 5 years ago.

The little '92 TV is going into my new bedroom, and today I attempted to buy a flat-screen TV at Best Buy to go into my new living room, wanting to get it before the cable people came to my new place.

I didn't know exactly how big of a TV I was going to get, but I'd heard that they were heavy, and so I called my brother and left a message at about 9:30am: "Hey, I'm buying a TV today, but can you give me a ride home? I think it's going to be heavy." (He lives about 2 miles away from me; the Best Buy is also about 2 miles away.) By the time I got to the store around 11am, I called him again, telling him I didn't think I'd even be able to get the TV home in a cab, could he come help? There was never any response from him.

Once I got to the TV section of the store, a clerk immediately asked me if I needed help. "No, just browsing, thanks." I wandered around the TV aisles for 20 minutes or so by myself, finally figuring out what I wanted to get, but still having questions. I then approached one guy, but he said he was busy "translating." (I told him HE didn't have to help me, but could he call someone to do so.) I then approached Guy Two to help me: He also said he'd call someone. I went back over to my TV aisle, stood there for another 5 minutes on my own. Finally got sick of waiting and stormed up to Customer Service at the front of the store. Told the lady there my Sad Story: "I'm TRYING to buy a TV and no one will help me!" She got on her modern-day equivalent of walkie-talkie and said that someone was on their way to that department... I went back over there. Stood on the same TV aisle for another few minutes. With no attention, stormed my way out of the store, passing 3 guys standing around yacking in the TV department and giving them a nasty look. One guy called out as I passed, "Do you need help, ma'am?" Me: "I've been LOOKING FOR HELP for 20 minutes!" When I got to the front doors, the customer-service guy stationed there said brightly, "Hope you found everything OK!" Me: "I did NOT find everything OK! Nobody would help me!" The young guy made a non-ironic frowny-face and said he was sorry.

Goddamn! Here I was wanting to buy a 40-inch flatscreen and completely unable to do so! The most fucking bizarre and depressing thing!

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