Thursday, February 05, 2015

Charlie Barnet - Make Believe Ballroom

I've been listening nonstop to this 4-CD set for the past few nights--101 songs from 1929 through 1940. "Make-Believe Ballroom" is my current favorite. "Tho' you've only a small room / make it your ballroom" is my favorite line; I also like the clever "dancipation" and how the song incorporates the then-trendy new invention of the it makes poor and/or young people trapped in small spaces feel happy despite their meager surroundings! "If you've got a radio, you're OK--the world is available to you." I've often felt the same way. Back in the '80s when I used to listen to late-night stations for some/any emotional sustenance, and today, when the Internet provides the same small, fleeting comfort.
Let's dance, in a mansion or hall room
Here's your make-believe ballroom, let's dance
Romance at the tip of your fingers
While the melody lingers, let's dance, dance, dance

Start in swayin', while the band is playin'
Music is worth your while
Let this station give you dancipation
Simply turn the dial
And keep on dancin' tho' you've only a small room
Make it your ballroom, let's dance...

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