Monday, February 09, 2015

Great Day!

I haven't had a great or even pretty good day for months, it seems, but I sure had one on Sunday!

I think it has something to do with no TV in the bedroom. (Surprisingly, there was no cable outlet there, and the landlady didn't want the cable co. to drill one. So... I only have the one TV in the living room.) I woke up with only a mild hangover, but normally, at the old place, that would be enough to keep me in bed channel-surfing all day unless I just desperately had to do laundry or grocery shopping. This time when I woke up, however, I just lay there for a bit and then got pretty bored with myself!

So UP I jumped and guess what I did! Went into work for a few hours! Again, back at the old place, there's no way in hell I would have gone through all the drudgery of between 1 and 2 hours each way to and from work, especially with the Sunday bus schedule. At my new place, though... 20 minutes, and there I am! There's a crapload of stuff that I need to get done this week, with 2 hard deadlines, and it had been weighing on my mind. I ended up staying for 3 hours and cleaning up a lot of odds-n-ends so I could focus on the big stuff this week. Felt great!

After that, it was about 4 in the afternoon, and a GORGEOUS 78-degree springlike day in Austin. There's a little used bookstore a couple of blocks from my apartment, run by the Austin libraries, which I'd been eyeing, and I finally went in... Hardbacks $2; PBs $1! That is how used books SHOULD be priced, I think, but unfortunately, even at Goodwill and Savers, they're charging $5 or so for hardbacks--and they're usually extremely stained, grimy hardbacks! (Half-Price Books went bad over a decade ago. When they started out, they charged exactly half, for instance, of what a PB cover price was. So if you found a PB from 1973 or so and the cover said $1.95, you'd pay a dollar. NOW, though, even if the book is from '73, they mark it with what the same title would sell for TODAY; so you'd end up paying $3.50 or something for a tattered book.)

This store, though, was FANTASTIC! It was set up like a library, with some tables and sofas for browsing, and all the books were arranged by category. I spent over an hour in there and ended up getting "Sometimes Madness Is Wisdom" (Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald bio), "Culture of Ancient Egypt," and the Collected Gertrude Stein. $4 total!

My mood was getting better and better, so I moseyed on over to the café up the street -- it was jam-packed, so I didn't stop and eat there, but I did pick up a menu to take home and saw that their prices were reasonable (gourmet sandwiches for $6.95-$7.95), so I'll definitely be stopping in again; just have to figure out an off-time, when so many people might not be there and I can actually eat in and stay a bit to read and/or write... I ended up getting a take-home sandwich at Thundercloud. My kitchen (yes, I now HAVE one!!) looks beyond the small apartment parking lot to surrounding trees and the wooden buildings that house a Wellness Center and small vintage store next door, and it's high enough up to where I can look toward the street that I was just shopping on, as well as watch bicyclists and walkers going by. The sun was starting to set as I ate and looked out and browsed through my new books, and I was just smiling and thinking to myself: I have a kitchen! I have a bookstore! I have a café! (And, from Saturday--I have a diner, too!)

Once it got too dark to read with the blinds open any more, I took my Scott-and-Zelda book to my bedroom (that's about to be so much lovelier even) and read until I fell asleep, waking up sans alarm in time to read some more and STILL get to work Monday an hour early! (And my boss is out all this week, so the day had a relaxed feel to it, despite the workload.)

I'd forgotten what a sense of contentment felt like!

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