Thursday, February 05, 2015

In The Dark - Freddy Martin Orchestra (1935)

One thing that's interesting to me about listening to music from the '30s is getting a sociological feel for how people romanced/related to each other then. (Most people aren't profound poets and can't express their deepest feelings; so they often let pop culture do it for them. There's shallowness in mass culture, sure, but... there's also, in the best of it, a truth that gets expressed amid all of the glossing over.) This is a sexually sweet song by today's standards, but a sexually provocative song for 1935. It's a popular song because it's catchy and talks about a favorite activity of young people at the time, going to dance clubs (in that, nothing has changed!)... but it's also emotionally honest and intimate. I relate to that, as well. Most of my best memories from my own clubbing days (up until 2000) were of the moments when I connected with an individual amidst all of the chaos (though many such "connections" also somehow involved cocaine and/or a penis---but hey, who's to say that the crooner in this song, or at least the songwriter, wasn't also recollecting a night in a club when he gave a young flapper some then-newly-hip coke and pressed his dick against her...only to clean it up later for public consumption).

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