Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lennon mocking Dylan, 1978

I've by now been nearly (I say NEARLY, mind you) beaten down into thinking that I'm so terrible for thinking honest thoughts. Such deem me "divisive" or "negative" or "not a team player."

For instance, I got unFriended on Facebook by a few people for questioning someone's decision to (1) post photos of his wife in a coma, and (2) post requests for money after she'd died. (In the former case, I'd gently asked the guy, someone I'd known since he was 16, to think before he posted such photos; after his wife died, I was more harshly questioning why he was asking for money since he was an upper-middle-class guy with a good job that more-than-paid-for her hospital expenses.)

Non-Facebook/Real Life: When you work for anyplace, there's usually some sort of brain-washing going on: I really like my workplace and the work that I do, but, nonetheless, I often get bombarded with, "We're a Family," which I find false and creepy and juvenile--as if employees could not find their own motivation (hello--MONEY) for being there but, rather, had to be falsely enticed into believing that the corporation really "felt" something for them...

I'd much prefer to just be allowed to do my work in peace, but, alas...

Thanks, John, for this entire thing mocking bullshit (in this case, the Dylan-is-God bullshit, representative of every other kind of bullshit).
"Sounds like a ballad to me...This should get me in the Village Voice...I'm so cynical, I could just keep on doing this forever....they're gonna be selling my socks like Judy Garland...Sometimes I wish I was George Harrison, you know, got all the answers..."

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