Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bay City Rollers - Rock & Roll love letter: STEREO

Long story short: My mother and I had a falling out at the turn of the New Year and so she had my brother deliver all of my LPs that had been stored at her house since, oh, 1983 or so, to my new apartment.

Woooo. The gesture, while intentionally symbolic on her part, was more annoying to me than anything: I haven't had a turntable since 1983 (when I went to college); I've long since replaced the albums I liked with CDs, etc. She was just holding onto my LPs because she had the space, and I had been moving around a lot, etc.

The delivery of the LPs was a pain in the ass not only psychologically, but because of all the other boxes of crap I still had lying around the new apartment. And now LPs of all extraneous things?

Yeah, well... turns out Lord Internet sells all types of things. Including a combination turntable/iPod dock/CD player/cassette player (!). Which the delivery of albums made me buy. I'd thought that any sort of turntable these days would involve great cost, but not at all.

Oddly, the albums my mother had delivered to my apt. did not include the first albums I ever got (the Bay City Rollers' debut + "Dedication"). Nor did the delivery include any of my original KISS albums. Where the fuck are these, Mom?

Had an interesting time tonight playing albums for the first time in decades on my new player. (It was an odd flashback sensation to place the needle on the record!) First up, BCR's "Rock 'n' Roll Love Letter," since I couldn't find the debut, "Dedication," or "It's a Game" in the boxes.

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