Monday, March 23, 2015

Gettin' Situated

Amazing how much you get accomplished when you don't drink the night before!

This Sunday:

Three loads of laundry.

Grocery shopping for the first time in 7 weeks. (I haven't been grocery shopping since I moved up north to my new apt. February 1; the parking lot always looked crowded, and I haven't felt like being frazzled any more than necessary. Today, though, ventured in around noon and was pleasantly surprised to find it relatively peaceful. Meaning, primarily single-lady shoppers and a few couples --- no Hispanic families with their hordes of screaming kids. No offense to Hispanic families, and it's nice that you like to do activities together, but... you guys are seriously annoying to be around at grocery stores. In further happy shopping news: This HEB, unlike my old Fiesta, had some staples of my diet, which I'd gone without for the past few years: Campbell's Bean Bacon and Split Pea soups, plus Sociables crackers. I almost gave an audible "Wooo-hooo!" upon spotting them. I felt like I was in middle-aged-white-lady heaven.)

Dishwasher load of dishes stacked up for the past 2 weeks. (This is the first time I've had a dishwasher since 2000. I hate to run it just with a few things, so I let them stack up, then start to think how crappy all the sitting-around dirty dishes relieved when my self-imposed 2-week waiting period is over.)

Assembly of a chair that I'd had sitting around in a box since I ordered it over a month ago. (I'd been using a white kitchen chair for my desk chair, which of course didn't move and didn't at all look right... After ordering my new desk chair from Walmart, though, I'd read a couple of reviews from women on the Walmart site that they couldn't get it put together by themselves. And so I'd been putting it off and putting it off, not wanting to get more bummed out than I already was. As it turned out, it was only mildly strenuous, taking about a half-hour, and I could and did do it by myself. See first picture below.)

Assembly of a lamp that I'd had sitting around in a box since I ordered it over a month ago. (I'd had, so I thought, bad luck with ordering lamps online. Two that I'd ordered from eBay turned out not to look good in any room and were thus a complete waste of over $100. And the Tiffany-style lamps that I'd intended for my bedroom ended up looking terrible there, way too busy. They ended up working out in my study -- see also the first picture below of the desk lamp -- but the bedroom failure also bummed me out. I've been TRYING to go to BED at night instead of sleeping on my couch in front of the TV, and so I needed a reading lamp bright enough to read by, instead of my current dim light... See the second picture below of what I put together today--- this lamp not only looks right, but is also bright enough to read by.)

Slowly making progress toward getting my surroundings how I want them.

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