Sunday, March 01, 2015

In "Study" news...

As you can see: Here's a case of me now HAVING a separate study for nothing but books and desk, but... some of the stuff I have in it aren't working at all. The little desk is fine, the size I wanted (after the 2-ft-wide rolling cart for my computer I had at the old place, it's grand.)
What bugs me most blatantly (aside from all the cords) is the chair I'm using for a desk chair--back when I had one room to live in, this chair was just fine. As it is, though, it's a white kitchen chair in the middle of a wannabe earth-toned study! See? The money going out is never-ending, since there's no way I'm aesthetically going to allow this to continue.
A more minor point is the beige chair and ottoman: I bought the chair, used, when I lived at the old small place. Paid under $100 for it, a good Crate and Barrel chair. Seemed huge and comfy at the time. (Not that I ever sat in it--I was always on my computer or lying in bed channel-surfing.) Weeks ago, in the same trip to the same store where I picked out my bedroom set, they charged a flat $80 fee for however much you wanted delivered. So I thought that this ottoman would be nice to toss in with the rest of the stuff... Once it got delivered, though: It's HUGE! It nearly completely dwarfs the chair. So now, in the back of my to get a new chair to fit the ottoman. (First-World Problems: Glad to participate in them for the first time in 8 years.)

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