Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's taking a ridiculously long time... get things situated in my new apartment. But then, I've only been here nearly 7 weeks... is it ridiculous yet? Given that I've been doing all this by myself? By "all this" I mean all the moving, all the furniture-shopping/supervising/ordering that going from a one-room efficiency to a 2-bedroom apartment entails. It's been an interesting, hopeful project, but also an extremely draining one: Sure, I can order a lot of stuff (which is immediately satisfying) but that doesn't mean it's going to look right when it gets here. And it also means that I've been surrounded by a lot of boxes and crap: new arrivals, unpacked stuff, some stuff that requires assembly that I'm not confident in being able to do correctly (desk chair, patio furniture) --- all stuff I haven't particularly felt like dealing with, except in very small doses, maybe twice a week.

No room is all set up yet. My bedroom is close, but then there are all the bins of clothes that my mom had my brother bring over weeks ago --- I had no place to put them, so there they are at the foot of my bed, mucking up the look of my wannabe-restful bedroom (which also still doesn't have the Klimt "Girlfriends" print up that I ordered -- I want the area pristine before I deal with that huge wall-hanging). I also don't have a good reading lamp for bedside. The one table lamp I have there looks very good (corresponding both pattern and color-wise with the Toulouse-Lautrec "Chat Noir" print above my chest of drawers) --- but it's way too dim to read by. I'm keeping it right there because it looks so perfect, but... I need a standing lamp.

Living room: Yay for new couch and pillows and leather chair, and for the new record player, but... My attempts at getting side-tables/coffee table and lamps have been a bust so far, and until I can sit there and read a damn book, it's not going to be completely ready. (Art-wise, same as with the Klimt-print for the bedroom--I've got  2 Joan prints to hang, but until the furniture is right, I don't want to hang the art just yet.)

Study has been the most hodge-podge: The 2 fake-Tiffany lamps you see below were originally ordered for the living room...where they looked completely out of place. While there's some red and black in the lamps, they overall looked way too earth-toney. I really want the living room to have a "colder," cleaner black/white/red/gray/maybe pink color scheme, and putting these lamps in there threw the entire schematic off. Plus the stand-up lamp doesn't at all "fill" its space; it looked spindly both in the living room and in the bedroom, where I tried it at the side of the bed for a reading lamp: The heavy bed completely overwhelmed it. In the study, though, they DO fit in. Trouble is, most of the rest of the stuff looks like a bunch of crap.

The first picture below, I like: I like the bookshelf, the chair, the lamp, the "Thought Fox" and "Scream" cushions. (I don't like the Weehawken 1890s-1900s prints still sitting there, but, as above, I'm not hanging the art until it's a finishing touch.)

The second and third pictures below are the indication of all the crap. That table with the printer on it, I found in the alley behind my former apartment; it's nice, solid wood, and I hate to throw it away, but it's just clogging up space here. The "rolling file drawers" to the right are a good storage space for my electronics (iPod, camera, various cords) and office supplies (post-its, pens), but the piece looks stupid turned sideways like that. The ottoman, which I just bought weeks ago, turned out too huge to be a good companion-piece for the chair in the room (but I still will keep it). The white desk chair is a spare from the kitchen set; I have a big box sitting in my entryway full of the pieces of a wine-colored modern office chair that I must put together -- but I'm not excited about putting it together because it's just going to look like a crappy modern-day office chair. I think the room needs something leathery/butternut-colored/wooden rather than wine/plastic black on wheels. I was so anxious to get SOMETHING not a kitchen chair, though, that I just picked the first semi-decent Walmart thing. (I must thank Walmart, though, for that $100 wine-colored shag rug for the living room--perfect.)

While partially fun and interesting, all of this recent moving and setting-up-of-household has also made me feel extremely lonely. First: Wouldn't it have been fun to pick out stuff with someone? Then: You can only appreciate the aesthetic qualities of a beautiful bed or couch for so long; eventually the thought arises: Wouldn't it be really nice to wake up in this cozy bed with someone? Or watch a movie via that big-screen TV snuggled on that couch?

I didn't feel particularly lonely at my old tiny apartment because the set-up made me think of my first years in college, making do. Or I fantasized that it was a really cool bedroom in the house of parents (not MY parents, but upper-middle-class parents). Now, though, I have an actual SPREAD of sorts. That I'm responsible for filling. I ain't a kid in a treehouse-clubhouse any more.



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