Sunday, March 01, 2015

More on Emerging from Chaos

For one thing, I can now download pictures again! I felt stymied not being able to, because of some glitch in somewhere that I wasn't able to figure out a way to work around until tonight. For instance, I wanted to document what my old place looked like all cleared out, as I made my last farewell (to 4 years of utter STRESS and sleeping many a day away while also, honestly, being a bit comforted by pretending it was a little treehouse club or that I was a teen with a really good bedroom), and I wanted to show what my brand new place looked like empty... But knowing that, while able to TAKE the photos, I was unable to download and share them made me feel so defeated, I didn't even bother taking them to begin with.

It's interesting how addicted one becomes to one's "electronic life." My 2-month-long lack of digital camera use bummed me out; my 2 DAYS without Internet/TV during the transfer from one place to another FREAKED me out; my new flatscreen not being delivered on time bummed me out (and I was nervous the whole time my brother was hooking the thing up for me, dreading that something was going to go wrong)...

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