Sunday, March 01, 2015

New Place

After a full month at my new place, I'm only now starting to settle in properly. There are still some boxes and bins of CRAP sitting around in every room, but there are at least STARTING to be pockets of calm and order.

I am absolutely in love with the bedroom furniture that I had delivered less than 2 weeks ago. Prior to its delivery, I had the cheap full-size mattress with springs poking me, its unoffensive box springs that weren't really springs, and a metal frame. And that's ALL I had in the bedroom. My old place had 8 built-in drawers, so that's where all my undies/socks/T's were housed; at the new place, they all sat around in cardboard boxes or on the floor -- depressing! But not any more! Below are some shots of my bedroom as I've just started organizing it. There's still some junk lying around, all the art isn't hung, my new bedding still hasn't arrived, my new lamps haven't arrived, but... it's a beginning! (My absolute favorite thing is that sexy dresser, and being able to put my deco tray of perfumes upon it! Also love having a queen-size bed, which makes me feel like a real adult--dammit that I only have my old comforter to put on it.)

Some other major headway being made in the last few days: I FINALLY got my new TV!!! Below is what I used to have (pictured amid the chaos of the last couple of weeks at my old place while I packed)-- a 1999 Panasonic, bought from Craigslist for $20 when I first got back from New York.
And below is my new 42-in flatscreen TV, which was paid for a week ago but only shipped in Saturday. (My brother was kind enough to pick it up and hook it up for me... I tried lifting it in the store, and could not.) Still a TV amid chaos, but... not as much chaos. And a much bigger space to be chaotic in! (I especially can't wait to roll out that red carpet!) :)
The next step in this whole process: A couch! To come this Thursday. (It's dark gray, and I want to do my living room in gray, black, red, and pink... which means ultimately getting rid of the current TV stand and the CD shelf, plus getting a black coffee table/side tables, plus window treatments... More money being sucked away. :(   (I put a "frowney-face" and it is scary, but... I know exactly how deprived I've been for the past 8 years, since I sold EVERYTHING and moved to NYC back in early 2007. I have a LITTLE guilt about all the spending going on now, but... only a little. I feel like I've paid plenty of dues. "To everything there is a season...")

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