Monday, March 09, 2015

Thought Fox in Progress

I ordered the "Thought Fox" pillow cover weeks ago, not knowing it was JUST the cover, not including the cushioning inside, too. Was momentarily bummed out, then realized: Oh. Not a tragedy. You can order pillow stuffing online, too. I did. So here's more of "The Study" in progress, with Thought Fox finally stuffed.
The framed photo at the foot of the chair is a circa-1900 print of a painting done of the Weehawken shore, looking toward Manhattan. (The other of the set of two is wrapped at the side of the chair, also of Weehawken, done 10 or so years later.) I've stood EXACTLY where those paintings were composed (and lived only a few blocks away). Once I've finally hung those two prints, my study will be just about finished.

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